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The Addams Family Slot Machine

Another television-themed online slot machine manufactured by International Game Technology is the Addams Family slots. This slot machine game with progressive jackpot belongs to the nickel slots type and guarantees a player $100,000 jackpot for some loose coins only. A player needs only to line up 5 Addams Family symbols to hit the $100,000 starting progressive jackpot.

Voice-over to selected videos on Addams Family slot machine is done by John Astin. Mr. Astin is Gomez Addams in the television show, was the funny and melancholic head of the family. In Addams Family slot game, players are given encouragement by Gomez while playing, but taunts them when players are planning to cash out their ticket. The Addams Family slot machine offers several kinds of bonus games. It involves three different machine and the average spins before a jackpot is hit is around 100 spins.

If you see Gomez Addams suddenly appears on screen somehow sitting in beside his deck it announces that you are about to play the bonus game Market madness. You need to have three market madness icons to qualify for the bonus game. As video rolls on the screen a clip will show Gomez Addams offering the player some amount of money. The amount of money Gomez offered will be the equivalent bonus amount if the player accepts the offer. If the player rejects the offer then a different amount of money is tendered. Players have only one chance to reject but can accept offers anytime.

Addams Family slot machine offers another kind of bonus game called Pick to Win bonus Game, this bonus game commence when a player amass three icons of "pick to win". Player has four tombstones to choose from and each tombstone correspond to certain prizes. It could either be a "collect icon', money amount, or a "next icon". A player gets what ever amount of money is written bonus game had ended and you can claim the outstanding amount of money in the bag. It is the bonus game prize.

Addams family slot machine has another version that offers the Fry Fester Bonus Game. This bonus game has the same mechanics similar to the two other bonuses, this time a player need to line up three Fry Fester icon to start the game. The bonus game starts with Uncle Fester ion the electric chair and as soon as Fester starts frying, 5x and8x multipliers will flash on the screen. The player needs to time precisely when to push the button hoping it will rests in the 8x multiplier to get a chance to increase the amount toi10x. But if the multiplier shows 5 then whatever bonus money you get will be multiplied by 5. .